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  • Dirk Lübbers - state certified translator Hamburg
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My services as a certified translator:



Technical translations into German:
•  from English
•  from Swedish (also with certification)
•  from Spanish (also with certification)


Specialty area: Law and Economy

I am a technically certified translator, lawyer, and merchant in Hamburg. As such, I am optimally qualified for the translation of your contracts, correspondences, court decisions, records, testaments and other texts of a legal or economic nature. All translation orders shall be conducted with greatest of diligence and a strict adherence to all deadlines and cost estimations. I am a member of the translators' associations BDÜ (Germany) and SFÖ (Sweden).


The completion of orders with the highest of quality standards is ensured by:

  • proofreading conducted by a similarly qualified translation colleague
  • the use of modern translation-help software (Trados and Multiterm, which ensure terminological consistency)
  • internet-supported terminology research and if necessary, usage of a competent network of hundreds of translation colleagues
  • compliance with the mother-tongue principle (optimal translation achievement through translations solely made into the native language)
  • formatting oriented optimally according to the initial text.

Should I be contracted to carry out a translation order from German into one of the offered non-native languages, I would have this work conducted by a native-language translator with the same level of qualification as myself, whose work meets the same standards of quality.

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Text-related services (for German language texts):


  • Correction of the orthography (spelling), punctuation, and grammatical regulation of texts of all sorts according to the new German spelling standards or, if desired, according to the old German spelling standards. I also proofread translations conducted by colleagues.
  • Editing: improvement of verbalism, arithmetic expression and the writing style of texts of all sorts.
  • Proofreading: preparation of technically correct exams, homework, dissertations and various works from submittals by students/candidates whose native language is not German.